University of Maryland Global Campus is an ideal place for employers from all sectors to recruit the next generation of their workforce. UMGC makes it easy for hiring managers to find the talented people they need to drive success at their organizations.

CareerQuest for Employers and Hiring Managers

CareerQuest is UMGC's online tool to post available job positions and conduct targeted resume searches of students and alumni. Posting jobs in CareerQuest is one of the most effective and efficient means of connecting with our students and building your brand on UMGC's campus—and it costs you nothing!

UMGC students and alumni possess current academic credentials, motivation, and experience in the workplace, military, and government. Plus, when you join the CareerQuest community, you receive notifications about upcoming virtual and on-campus recruiting events and activities.

What types of positions are right for UMGC students and alumni? UMGC Career Services welcomes employers to recruit for professional positions that align with our general academic programs. Many of our adult students are career changers. Therefore, in addition to full-time positions, we seek opportunities for internships, part-time, temp, contractual, and project-based opportunities for through UMGC's InternPLUS program.

Registering is quick and easy. Visit CareerQuest for Employers today!


Discover the Benefits of Recruiting at UMGC

Source your professional talent needs through UMGC Career Services to identify top talent with the specific experience, training, and skills you need to fill your organization’s hiring needs.

Through UMGC Career Services, you can

  • Participate in a UMGC Recruiter Session: UMGC Career Services hosts monthly recruiting events for employers accepting resumes for active openings in fields that align with UMGC degree programs. Events are in person for local employers and virtual for employers with positions outside the local area. Please contact Career Services to learn more.

  • Attend the Annual Career Fair: UMGC offers both an in-person Career Fair for local participants and an Online Career Fair for participants around the world. Employers with active openings and accepting resumes for positions that align with UMGC's academic programs are invited to apply. Please contact Career Services to learn more.

  • Enjoy Concierge Services: Allow Career Services staff to screen résumés and target top talent whose skills and abilities match your hiring needs. Based on your position descriptions and criteria, we can help you align the right candidates with your openings and organization.

  • Explore Sponsorship Opportunities: UMGC Career Services has limited sponsorship opportunities for employers seeking to expand their brand recognition to our more than 270,000 students and alumni. Please contact Career Services to learn more.

Step 1: Complete a Request through CareerQuest

To schedule on-campus interviews, complete a New Schedule Request form in your CareerQuest account. The form is located under "Schedules" on the menu bar at the top of the homepage. If you do not have a CareerQuest account, register today.

Prior to requesting an interview schedule, have the following information prepared:

  • Desired dates and time slots for interviews (interviews may be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and are held at the Academic Center at Largo
  • Designated company contact
  • Job description(s)
  • Dates to start and end the job posting
  • Dates to start and end the interview sign-up process for students
  • Screening process, selected from the following options:
    • Open Schedule: Only students who meet the employer-selected requirement will be allowed to sign up for interviews.
    • Pre-select Schedule: Only students who meet the employer-selected requirements will be allowed to submit an interview request. Of these students, only those accepted by the employer will be allowed to sign up for interviews. Alternate (wait list) schedules can be made available to candidates.

Step 2: Recruit Applicants

The employer and Career Services will partner to market the job and internship opportunities to qualified students.

Announcement strategies include:

  • Posting opportunities and announcements in CareerQuest
  • Targeting specific student populations
  • E-mailing select students
  • Conducting an information session

Step 3: Accept Applications

Students interested in applying and interviewing will submit their resumes in one of three ways, depending on the employer’s preference:

  • To the employer through CareerQuest
  • Directly to the employer through the employer’s Web site or via e-mail
  • To Career Services, which will forward applications electronically to the employer after the deadline for submissions has passed

Step 4: Invite Students to Interview

The employer or Career Services will contact the selected students prior to the interview date to schedule and confirm an on-campus interview.

  • Location: Interviews are held at the Academic Center at Largo.
  • Parking: Employers should use visitor parking in the front of the building.
  • Check-in: Employers will be required to sign in and show a valid ID at the security desk at the front entrance to the building. Employers may then proceed to the Office of Career Services, Room 1500, to check in.

Step 5: Confirm Interview Schedule

The employer or Career Services will confirm the final interview schedule, including student names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and assigned time slots. Career Services will provide a confirmation e-mail with logistics information to the employer and selected students prior to the interviews.

Career Services' Roles and Responsibilities
  • Review employer-initiated interview schedule requests in CareerQuest or via e-mail
  • Send confirmation e-mail to employer to follow up on requests, including dates, times and room availability
  • Contact candidates on behalf of the employer, if requested
  • Monitor applications
  • Coordinate with the employer to contact candidates to schedule interviews
  • Reserve room(s)
  • Confirm interview schedule, including dates, room numbers and candidates
  • Confirm appointments with candidates on the day before the interview
  • Meet and greet employers and candidates on the day of the interviews
  • Supply employers and candidates with information packets
Unlawful Discrimination Policy

The University of Maryland Global Campus values the diversity among its students and alumni and prohibits unlawful discrimination. In accordance with University of Maryland Global Campus’s Nondiscrimination Statement, employers recruiting at UMGC affirm they are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate in their employment practices; employers are required to confirm as such when posting on CareerQuest.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Employers will have access to student and alumni information that is confidential in nature. Employers shall protect the privacy of student/alumni information obtained from their relationship with UMGC Career Services, regardless of the source. Disclosure of student information to another organization requires the student’s consent except in connection with a health or safety emergency.