University of Maryland Global Campus's Corporate Learning Solutions can enrich your organization's existing workforce development curriculum and cultivate organizational excellence.

By partnering with UMGC to offer continuing, career-focused education, you can identify emerging leaders and aid in succession planning, improve employee productivity, retain crucial employees, and increase your organization's value and reputation.

What We Offer

Regionally Accredited Degrees and Certificates

UMGC offers more than 90 degrees, specializations, and certificates, most available entirely online, available online and at our 20+ locations in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Our programs are mapped to job roles to help employees make contributions starting with their very first classes. With a wide range of programs, including cybersecurity, healthcare administration, public safety, and business administration, UMGC has you covered.

Focus on Business Outcomes

We focus on improving your business outcomes. Our consultants will work cooperatively with your organization to design a workforce development plan by developing pipelines of qualified employees and planning for succession.

Custom Solutions for Any Industry

Our goal is to ensure your education solutions fit your company's strategic objectives. Whether you want to empower your employees to complete a degree or to gain necessary skills for advancement in your organization, we can help.

UMGC collaborates with senior leadership from a variety of organizations across many different industries to provide customized education solutions. We have experience working with government and private sector companies in a vast array of fields, including aerospace, cybersecurity, defense, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, and retail.

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