Policy VII-6.11-GC

UMGC Policy on Telework for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff and Faculty Employees

(Approved by UMGC President on July 1, 2017; Updated April 1, 2019)

  1. Purpose and Applicability

    University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) recognizes that teleworking provides opportunities to improve work-life balance, reduce commuting time and costs, and enhance the University's ability to attract and retain top talent.

    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for telework at UMGC. This policy applies to stateside exempt and nonexempt employees on contingent and regular status and collegiate faculty employees. Nonexempt employees who are represented within the collective bargaining unit are subject to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and applicable UMGC HR Policies; where there is a conflict between the two, the MOU shall prevail.

    No UMGC employee is entitled to or guaranteed the opportunity to telework and either employee or supervisor may terminate an existing telework arrangement at any time unless telework is otherwise a condition of employment.

  2. Definitions

    1. Eligible Employee – An employee who holds a position that includes duties determined by the employee's dean or department vice president to be suitable for a telework arrangement.

    2. Telework – Performing work from a telework location on specified days and at specified times pursuant to an approved, regularly scheduled arrangement up to, but not exceeding, two work days per week. Telework in excess of two work days per week is governed by the UMGC Remote Worker Policy.

    3. Telework Location – A work location other than a UMGC workplace from which the eligible employee is expected to perform the duties contained in the eligible employee’s job description.

    4. UMGC Workplace – A work location owned, controlled, or occupied by UMGC, including but not limited to, the Inn & Conference Center (ICC); the Administration Building; the Academic Center at Largo (Largo I); the Student Service Center at Largo (Largo II); assigned military work locations; space leased or licensed by UMGC; or space for which UMGC has a contractual right to use.

  3. Administration

    1. The Vice President of Human Resources is responsible for the administration, implementation, and interpretation of the telework policy.

    2. The Office of Human Resources will maintain records of telework arrangements to ensure compliance with all University policies as well as state of Maryland and federal laws. The Office of Human Resources will provide training and guidance on the application of the telework policy and procedures, and will maintain all forms and documentation on the HR Engage page.

    3. Deans or department vice presidents are responsible for assuring approved telework arrangements are within the scope of this policy and for establishing the following terms and conditions:

      1. The ability to telework is contingent upon the ability to achieve organizational effectiveness and accomplish the work of the department; therefore, all tasks will be clearly defined with measurable results for the telework position.

      2. Telework is not suitable for all roles within UMGC nor is it an organization-wide benefit. Deans or department vice presidents will determine telework frequency and any restrictions based on the department's operational need.

    4. The telework arrangement requires the eligible employee to perform all duties within the scope of the eligible employee's position and meet all performance expectations and measurements. Essential job duties shall not be altered for the telework arrangement.

    5. The eligible employee's conditions of employment, including but not limited to wages, benefits, and leave accrual, shall be the same as the conditions for equivalent non-telework employees.

    6. Teleworking is voluntary and may be terminated by the eligible employee, the supervisor, or the dean or department vice president at any time.

    7. University System of Maryland, State of Maryland, and UMGC policies, rules, and practices shall apply to the eligible employee and the telework location, including but not limited to those governing internal communications and communications with the public, employee rights and responsibilities, facilities and equipment management, financial management, and all computing policies. Failure to follow policy, rules, practices, and/or procedures, including but not limited to UMGC's drug and alcohol policies, may result in termination of the telework arrangement and/or disciplinary action up to, and including, termination of employment.

  4. Eligible Employee and Supervisor Responsibilities

    1. The telework position should require minimal supervision. The eligible employee should demonstrate work habits and consistent performance suited for successful telework.

    2. Eligible employees who wish to telework shall submit a request to their direct supervisor. Supervisors will review all requests for telework and make a determination, including the number of designated day(s) and justification on how performance will be measured.

    3. All eligible employees will receive approval from their supervisor to telework, and final approval from their dean or department vice president.

    4. At a minimum, direct supervisors shall review all telework arrangements on an annual basis to determine whether the arrangement should continue.

    5. Eligible employees shall attend job-related meetings, training sessions and/or conferences, as directed by supervisors that may include mandatory face-to-face participation at a UMGC workplace, annual commencement, or other designated location, as applicable, even if it falls on a previously arranged telework day(s).

    6. Eligible employees shall obtain prior supervisory approval for overtime or compensatory time.

    7. Eligible employees will not act as primary caregivers for dependents during the agreed upon work hours.

    8. Work-related meetings are not permitted to be held at the eligible employee's home.

  5. Schedule and Availability

    1. Eligible employees and their supervisors shall agree to regularly scheduled work hours for the eligible employee, including specific core working hours that must equal a minimum of 8 hours per work day or be equal to the standard work hours in association with the eligible employee’s full-time equivalency (FTE).

    2. Eligible employees shall be available by e-mail, telephone, or other communication methods established by the supervisor during established work hours.

    3. Eligible employees and their supervisors shall agree on expected response time, deadlines for work, and the appropriate method(s) of communication.

  6. Office Space, Supplies, and Equipment

    1. If a claim is filed by an eligible employee in case of an injury, theft, loss, or tort liability related to telework arrangement, the eligible employee must allow agents of UMGC to investigate and/or inspect the site as part of the claim processing.

    2. Eligible employees shall provide, at their own expense, home office furniture and office equipment, such as printers, faxes, telephones, and other necessary equipment.

    3. Eligible employees will not be reimbursed for consumable office supplies ordinarily available in the UMGC workplace and are responsible to determine any income tax implications of maintaining a home office area. The University will not provide tax guidance or assume any additional tax liabilities.

    4. UMGC will provide a UMGC-issued laptop computer to eligible employees. UMGC will configure the laptop, and it will have a standardized, UMGC-approved operating system. UMGC equipment provided to an eligible employee shall remain the property of UMGC and shall be returned to UMGC upon the termination of an eligible employee's participation in the telework program, unless UMGC determines that the employee continues to have a need for the UMGC equipment upon return to the UMGC workplace.

    5. The use of equipment, software, data, and supplies, if provided by UMGC, is limited to use by authorized persons and for purposes related to State business only. Software contained on the UMGC-issued laptop shall not be duplicated. Eligible employees are responsible for the following:

      1. Reimbursing UMGC for any intentional damage or damage resulting from gross negligence to UMGC laptop or other UMGC equipment by the eligible employee or any member or guest of the eligible employee's household;

      2. Reporting any malware discovered on a UMGC-issued laptop or other UMGC equipment as a virus or spyware to UMGC IT Risk at it-risk@umgc.edu; and 3. Providing a secure wireless connection from the Eligible Employee's home office.

    6. In the event that the UMGC-issued laptop or other equipment fails or malfunctions, the eligible employees shall immediately notify the University IT Help Desk in order to initiate immediate repair or replacement.

    7. In the event of delay in repair or replacement of the eligible employee's UMGC-issued laptop, or due to circumstances that make it impractical to telework for a period of time, the eligible employee understands that UMGC, in its sole discretion, may assign the eligible employee to other work, require the eligible employee to report to the eligible employee's regularly assigned UMGC workplace on the telework day(s), or assign the eligible employee to a UMGC workplace for the duration of the repair/replacement.

    8. Upon separation of employment from UMGC, the eligible employee shall return all UMGC-issued equipment to UMGC.

  7. Confidentiality and Institutional Data

    1. Eligible employees shall maintain the security and confidentiality of UMGC information and property at the telework location.

    2. Eligible employees shall not take or electronically access restricted or confidential material from the UMGC workplace unless approved in advance by the supervisor.

    3. Eligible employees shall agree to protect UMGC records from unauthorized disclosure or damage and will comply with all UMGC policies, requirements, and applicable laws and regulations regarding disclosure of UMGC information, including but not limited to all personnel records, all student records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and all medical documentation pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other applicable privacy laws.

  8. Travel Expenses
    Eligible employees shall not be paid for time or mileage involved in travel between the telework location and the assigned UMGC workplace.

  9. Inclement Weather and Emergency Conditions

    1. Employees authorized to telework with specific job responsibilities are required to continue working during a UMGC closing unless directed otherwise by their immediate supervisor and approved by the dean or department vice president.

    2. Eligible employees must notify their supervisors immediately of any situation that interferes with their ability to perform their job duties at the telework location. The remote worker shall utilize the appropriate accrued time off in accordance with the applicable time off policies and procedures.

Implementation Procedures

The UMGC President has designated the Vice President of Human Resources to administer this policy; to develop procedures as necessary to implement this policy; to communicate this policy to the UMGC community through collaboration with Internal Communications; and to post the policy and any applicable procedures on the UMGC website.

Replacement for:

  • UMGC 410.10: Policy on Teleworking for Stateside Employees