Policy 021.00

Temporary Authority to Waive University Policies and Procedures

Originator: President

Subject: Authority to Waive Policies and Procedures on an Emergency Basis

  1. Purpose

    As a result of the extraordinary circumstances created by COVID-19 and the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) would like to extend its support to its students, faculty, staff, contractors and other third parties as needed to help these groups and individuals so far as they are impacted by the disruptions associated with the coronavirus by granting authority to leadership to waive policies and procedures as it deems necessary.

    The need for this policy is in accordance with University System of Maryland (USM) Policy VIII-21.00 Policy on Crisis Management, requiring the President to develop protocols for use in responding to and communicating when a crisis arises.

  2. Temporary Authority to Waive University Policies and Procedures

    1. UMGC hereby grants the Executive Committee the authority to grant temporary exceptions to UMGC policies and procedures, as it deems necessary for the benefit of the University community for the duration of the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the coronavirus.

    2. Waivers of policies and procedures will be announced via email, the UMGC intranet (Engage) and posted on the University’s website.

    3. When the Executive Committee determines that it is beneficial to return to its normal policies and procedures, the discontinuation of any waivers granted pursuant to this Policy.

    4. All prior announcements of waivers of University policies and procedures that may been made to alleviate issues and concerns related to the coronavirus are deemed to have been approved under this Policy.

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Policy Number 021.00 N/A
Date 04/21/20 N/A