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Policy 027.00

Board of Visitors

Originator: President

Subject: Board of Visitors

  1. Name
    The name of this organization shall be the "President's Board of Visitors.

  2. Purpose
    The 1988 Education Article creating the University of Maryland System (USM) provided USM presidents the authority to establish institutional advisory boards. The University of Maryland Global Campus President's Board of Visitors is constituted under this authority.

    The primary functions of the Board are to (1) advise the President on significant issues facing University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), (2) assist UMGC in building positive relationships with its external constituents, and (3) support UMGC's fundraising efforts.

  3. Guidelines
    1. The President's Board of Visitors is comprised of at least 15 leading citizens of the State of Maryland, the United States and countries where UMGC has programs. These men and women will be chosen as outstanding members of their communities and leaders in their professional fields. They will share an interest in advancing UMGC's mission of workforce education.
    2. Members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the President. The usual term of membership is three years and members will ordinarily serve no more than two consecutive terms. Members may recommend to the President individuals to serve on the Board. Membership for the first Board will be structured so that approximately one-third of the members' terms expire each year.
    3. Members of the President's Board of Visitors are expected to:
      1. Learn about UMGC and the major issues facing the University;
      2. Provide the best possible advice to the President;
      3. Serve as informed advocates of UMGC to its various constituencies in business, government and the community;
      4. Support UMGC's efforts to secure external funding;
      5. Attend the Board's two annual meetings; and
      6. Serve actively on at least one standing committee of the Board and on such ad hoc committees as may be needed from time to time.
    4. The Officers of the Board are the Chair and the Vice Chair and such others as the Chair and the President may wish to appoint. The Chair will be appointed by the President. Other officers will be selected as needed for two-year terms. No officer shall serve more than two consecutive two-year terms. The Chair will preside at all meetings of the Board and shall perform all duties incidental to this office. The Vice Chair will, in the absence of the Chair, preside at meetings of the Board. The Chair, working with the President, shall organize such committees as the Board may need to pursue its advisory, advocacy, and fundraising activities. These committees will be assisted by UMGC staff appointed by the President.
    5. The Executive Committee will consist of the Board's officers and the President. The Executive Committee shall carry on the business of the Board between meetings and shall meet upon the call of the Chair or the President.
    6. There shall be two meetings of the Board annually, called by the President. These meetings normally take place in the fall and spring with an agenda set by the President. In addition, the President may schedule such additional meetings as may be necessary to conduct the business of the Board. A new members' orientation will be scheduled once per year or as necessary to provide background on UMGC's mission, function, organization, units and challenges.
  4. Compensation
    Members serve without compensation but are entitled to reimbursement of expenses associated with duties.

  5. Annual Report
    In accordance with Maryland statute, the Board of Visitors will submit a report by October 1 of each year to the Board of Regents and state officials as specified in the statute.

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