Policy 366.00

Third Party Agreements

Originator: President

Subject: Third Party Agreements

  1. Introduction
    UMGC enters into agreements with third parties ("Third Party Agreements"). This Policy provides the process that UMGC employees must use when engaging in discussions which may result in Third Party Agreements, including agreements that will be signed directly by UMGC or through the USM Foundation or the UMGC Foundation.
  2. Third Party Agreements
    Third Party Agreements include agreements, contracts, grants (including grant applications and proposal submissions), memoranda of understanding and memoranda of agreement. They generally result from the following relationships between UMGC and a third party:
    1. Where UMGC purchases or otherwise acquires items, whether or not through procurements;
    2. When UMGC provides for the sale of items or services, including educational services;
    3. Work with federal, state or local government agencies through contracts, grants or other agreements; and
    4. Academic partnerships and collaborations, including articulations with other educational institutions or organizations or teaming agreements.
    Additionally, UMGC may enter into Third Party Agreements with other entities to either perform or receive other services not detailed above.
  3. Before entering into discussions which may result in a Third Party Agreement, UMGC employees shall obtain authorization from the President, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, Chief Business Officer, Senior Vice President of Overseas Operations, or the Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Marketing, and Enrollment Management, or designee, as applicable.
  4. General Signature Authority
    Generally, employees may not sign agreements that obligate UMGC. The following UMGC employees have signature authority to enter into Third Party Agreements.
    1. For purchases or other acquisitions, including, but not limited to Procurements, the Assistant Vice President for Procurement and the Assistant Vice President for Strategic Contracting have authority to sign Third Party Agreements which bind UMGC. Additional information regarding procurements and other purchasing of goods is in UMGC Policy 367.00—UMGC Policy on Signature Authority.
    2. Contracts, including modifications, with a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces for the Overseas Divisions shall be signed by the President or Senior Vice President of Overseas Operations.
    3. For all other Third Party Agreements, the President, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Business Officer, Senior Vice President of Overseas Operations, the Senior Vice President of Military Partnerships, or the Senior Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management, or their designees have the authority to sign on behalf of UMGC.
  5. Review and Maintenance by Office of Legal Affairs
    All Third Party Agreements must be reviewed for legal sufficiency by the Vice President and General Counsel or designee before they can be signed. Once signed, all Third Party Agreements must be sent to the Office of Legal Affairs to be maintained in a contracts database.
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