Policy 390.40

Alcoholic Beverages

Originator: Chief Financial Officer/Vice President for Administration

Subject: Policy on Alcoholic Beverages

  1. Introduction
    In accordance with the University System of Maryland Policy VI-8.00—Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at University System Institutions and Facilities, this Policy provides UMGC's rules governing the use of alcoholic beverages consistent with state regulations.

  2. Policy
    UMGC funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages unless the purchase is for:

    1. Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages purchased for resale in the Inn and Conference Center under the Prince George's County liquor license.
    2. Wine or alcoholic beverages purchased for short courses in wine making, wine serving or similar programs conducted by UMGC.
    3. Charges against program accounts for alcoholic beverages for receptions or social hours as requested and reimbursed by client or sponsoring organizations.
    4. For UMGC Overseas Divisions only, the purchase may be made for alcoholic beverages for official UMGC meetings or events as follows:
      1. Only when it is necessary and consistent with local custom or the nature of the occasion, and
      2. With prior written authorization by the Vice President/Division Director. The request for such authorization must include a full description of the purpose of the function and a general description of the audience/attendees. Examples of such meetings are events are commencement receptions and exercises, faculty receptions/meetings, holiday or similar parties customary in the host country.
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