Policy 500.10

University Relations, Development, Alumni Relations - General

Originator: Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Subject: University Relations, Development, Alumni Relations — General

UMGC policy concerning university relations, development, and alumni affairs provides that related activities are either initiated by or are developed in cooperation with the offices of University Relations, Development, or Alumni Relations.

It specifies that all such projects and activities including any that may be entered into with other elements of the University System of Maryland or agencies outside of the University, be consistent with the current overall institutional image of UMGC and that they be undertaken and implemented according to an annual plan.

It further provides that no employee of UMGC has the authority to make any agreements or understandings or to enter into any contracts for materials or supplies or otherwise take any action with respect to third parties relating to university relations, development, or alumni relations which may be construed as financially or otherwise binding to the University except first under the authority of the Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Executive Vice President, or the President, as appropriate.

  Current Policy Prior Policy
Policy Number 500.10 500.10
Date 4/8/91 1/09/86