Policy 530.10

Development (Fundraising)

Originator: President

Subject: Development (Fundraising)

UMS Policy IX - 3.00 (June 21, 1990) gives responsibility to the President for "planning and implementing fund raising activities" at UMGC. The same policy prohibits any employee of the USM from soliciting gifts and grants on behalf of an institution without the prior knowledge and approval of its president.

Fundraising activities undertaken by UMGC—annual giving programs, major donor solicitation, and corporate foundation requests—shall be closely coordinated with the appropriate staff member of the office of the President. Further, no friend of UMGC has the authority to solicit for support on behalf of UMGC without the prior knowledge and consent of the President.

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Policy Number 530.10 530.10
Date 5/23/91 8/8/88