Policy 550.25

Alumni Records

Originator: Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Subject: Alumni Records

  1. Creation and Maintenance of Records
    Alumni records are entered on the database by designated personnel in the Office of Alumni Relations and the University of Maryland System Office. Maintenance of information on file in the alumni database will be done only by designated staff in the Office of Alumni Relations and the University Maryland System.
  2. Use of Information
    Use of information in the alumni database is intended ONLY for University purposes and benefit. Release of information to non-university personnel is prohibited without prior approval of the Assistant Vice President. The following statement must accompany all reports and labels prepared for offices other than Alumni Relations: "Names and addresses on the alumni database of the University are the property of the University, and are to be used only for ______________ (fill in that particular designation). Any other use is strictly prohibited."
  3. Requests for Information
    1. Requests by other University Offices for printed alumni lists or alumni name and address labels must be made in writing. The request must indicate intended use of the material. If labels are requested, a sample of the item(s) to be mailed must accompany the request.
    2. Requests for information about alumni, labels or lists from persons outside the University will be governed by the following policies:
      1. Requests for list or labels made in conjunction with contracts approved by the Alumni Association will be honored. All other requests for lists or labels will be prohibited, unless approved by the Assistant Vice President or the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.
      2. Requests from members of the media will be referred to the Director of University Relations.
      3. Telephone requests from individuals about individuals will be handled the following way:
        1. NO information will be given over the phone, without the express permission of the Assistant Vice President, Alumni and Development or the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.
        2. Individuals who are attempting to locate a particular alumnus will be asked to send the message to the Office of Alumni Relations in a sealed envelope. The Office of Alumni Relations will forward the envelope, along with an explanatory letter, to the appropriate individual.
    3. Requests from other educational institutions, government agencies, or non-profit entities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and, if honored, done so in accordance with Federal law and the laws of Maryland.
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Date 08/13/93 05/31/91