Policy 055.00

Public Records Containing Sociological Information

Subject: Public Records Containing Sociological Information

Section 10-617(c) of the Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government, states that if "the official custodian has adopted rules or regulations that define sociological information..., a custodian shall deny inspection of the part of a public record which contains sociological information". In accordance with this statute, the University is adopting this policy which defines sociological information as any of the following information maintained by the University about a student, employee, donor, or other individual participating in a University program or event or using University facilities:

  1. Scholarship and financial aid records of individuals or their families;
  2. Records about an individual's personal history, family, race, ethnic background, physiology, religion, academic achievement, or physical or mental ability;
  3. Social security numbers;
  4. Personal addresses;
  5. Personal phone numbers;
  6. Information regarding marital status, dependents, or relatives;
  7. Information regarding employment status, including an employment application;
  8. Military status;
  9. State residency status;
  10. Any information obtained through coaching or surveys;
  11. Financial information, including income, assets, and liabilities; and
  12. Donation information for individuals who have made charitable donations of goods, services, money or anything else to the University.

The University shall deny access to the portion of public records containing sociological information. In addition, access to student records also is guided by the University's Policy on Disclosure of Student Records and the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

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