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Policy 211.00

Cross Enrollment

Owner:  Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

  1. Introduction

    1. Cross Enrollment is defined as when UMGC students enroll in courses outside of their degree program. Specifically, it is when a UMGC student:

      1. Who is enrolled in an undergraduate degree program enrolls in a graduate course,

      2. Who is enrolled in a graduate degree program enrolls in an undergraduate course or a Master's of Business Administration program course, or

      3. Who is enrolled in the MBA program enrolls in any course outside of the MBA program. The word "term" as used in this Policy is defined as the period of enrollment and generally means the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.

  2. Cross Enrollment Eligibility

    1. Between Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

      Generally, students are not eligible to enroll in courses outside of their degree programs. However, if UMGC has developed an agreement between a graduate program and an undergraduate program, specific courses may apply to both of the degree programs. In such cases, students are eligible to cross enroll and shall be charged the undergraduate rate for undergraduate courses and the graduate rate for graduate courses.

    2. Between MBA and Other Graduate Programs

      1. Students enrolled in a course in the MBA program are not eligible to enroll in any courses outside of the MBA program during that term. MBA students who change their degree program to another graduate program may not enroll in courses in the other program until the next term.

      2. Students enrolled in other graduate program courses (courses in any program other than the MBA) are not eligible to enroll in any MBA program courses during that term. Graduate students who change their degree program to the MBA program may not enroll in courses in the MBA program until the next term.

      3. Students enrolled in a dual MBA/Master's degree program must complete all requirements for the first degree and be cleared for graduation for that first degree before beginning the second degree. Students may not take courses for their second degree until the next term.

Original Policy Approval Date 9/23/11
Substantive Revision Dates  
Technical Amendment Dates 4/17/20