Policy 240.50

UMGC Archives

Owner:  Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

  1. Mission

    To collect, arrange, describe, preserve, and make accessible UMGC records of permanent, historical, legal and/or administrative value. The ultimate goal of the UMGC Archives is to preserve the historical heritage of UMGC and its unique role in the development and evolution of continuing and adult education, and to make accessible these organizational sources of historical value.

  2. Responsibility

    The Archivist is responsible for housing and making available the records of long term historical value. The Archivist will conduct all activities necessary to accomplish the archives mission in accordance with the standards of archival practice.

  3. Patrons
    The Archives will serve all patrons. Materials housed in the archives may be used for a variety of research and/or informational purposes.

  4. Collection

    1. The Archives WILL house the following types of materials. papers of key administrators, including official correspondence, directives, policies, procedures, reports, special studies, and annual reports institutional publications, including announcements, brochures, bulletins, catalogs, newsletters, proceedings, programs, schedule of classes, telephone directories, and yearbooks unit records, including departmental histories, organizational charts, programs, policies, procedures, reports, and special studies faculty publications oral histories photographs videotapes memorabilia

    2. The Archives WILL NOT house financial, student, or faculty records. Disposition of these records will be determined by record retention schedules established by UMGC's records manager and housed in other locations as deemed appropriate by the records manager.

    3. The extent of the collection will depend upon fiscal, staff, and space considerations.

  5. Facility

    The Archives are stored in a locked facility within the Office of Library Services. Appropriate environmental controls and security is planned to insure protection of the archival materials. Patrons will use the reference room to view archival materials. No materials will circulate outside the Office of Library Services.

Original Policy Approval Date 11/10/94
Substantive Revision Dates  
Technical Amendment Dates 4/17/20