For more than 30 years, the Doris Patz Collection of Maryland Artists has garnered recognition for many of the state’s talented artists and has provided a venue where the people of Maryland and visitors from around the world can enjoy these exceptional artworks. The collection is named in honor of its founder and patron, Doris Patz (1913–2009).

Doris PatzMrs. Patz is remembered as a musician and writer who maintained a lifelong commitment to the arts. A violinist, she studied music at the Carnegie Technical School of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was a member of the Baltimore Women’s Symphony and the Gettysburg Symphony Orchestra and taught violin in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Mrs. Patz was also a talented author. She wrote and produced musical shows in Baltimore and won awards for her poetry and fiction. A patron of the arts in Maryland, Mrs. Patz organized several creative arts exhibitions and worked with organizations to sponsor and promote community art programs. She was a board member for the Baltimore Music Club and for Performing Arts for Children’s Education, and she served as city and state president of the National League of American Penwomen, Inc. In 1981, Mrs. Patz assisted the university in establishing a collection of art by Maryland artists by arranging donations from artists and collectors throughout the state.

The collection includes the works of established and emerging artists—including John Blair Mitchell, Joyce J. Scott, John Bannon, Sam Gilliam, David C. Driskell, Jacob Lawrence, Perna Krick, Minda Hess, Ann Schuler, Steven Dobbin, and Grace Hartigan—who were born and trained in Maryland or who lived, taught, or worked in the state for a significant portion of their careers. Paintings, sculptures, and other artworks from the Doris Patz Collection are on display throughout the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, which is open to the public seven days a week, making Maryland art uniquely accessible to scholars and students and to the conference center's more than 100,000 annual visitors.

Mrs. Patz's efforts helped to grow the Doris Patz Collection to more than 200 works of art in a wide variety of media and styles. She and her family endowed the collection to provide for curating, documenting, and maintaining the artworks for future generations. In 2002, Maryland Citizens for the Arts Foundation awarded Mrs. Patz the Governor's Art award for establishing this invaluable art collection. In 2006, Mrs. Patz was presented with the President's Medal during the university's commencement ceremony.

Today, the Doris Patz Collection of Maryland Artists showcases such nationally and internationally celebrated Maryland artists as Eugene Leake, Grace Hartigan, Amalie Rothschild, and many others. UMGC is grateful to Mrs. Patz; her vision and generosity have created and sustained this distinguished art collection.