Teaching and Learning in K-12 Virtual Schools

EDTC 650 | 3 Credits

Prerequisite: EDTC 640 or DETC 620. An introduction to K-12 distance education, including the policies and structures of K-12 virtual schools, teaching and course development strategies appropriate for K-12 online courses, and current issues involved in the K-12 virtual enterprise. Emphasis is on K-12 schools that offer courses online; discussion also covers principles that apply to other forms of K-12 distance education, such as television and correspondence courses. Topics include different models of current K-12 virtual schools; district, state, and national regulations governing these schools; role of parental involvement and student support systems; social and collaborative aspects of learning at a distance; and training and mentoring of online K-12 teachers. Trends in international K-12 virtual schools are compared with those in the United States. The effectiveness of virtual schools and courses at the elementary and secondary school levels are explored.

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