At University of Maryland Global Campus, our online courses are taught by highly successful and experienced faculty scholar-practitioners who are leaders in their fields. You'll benefit from their diverse insights and the depth and breadth of their knowledge. Because they have wide-ranging industry experience, they can help you understand what types of skills and knowledge are valuable in today's job market.

Details About UMGC Faculty

As professionals who balance or have balanced their careers with their roles at UMGC, our faculty understand the numerous challenges faced by working adults going back to school, and they’ll work with you to help ensure your academic success.

Our faculty know how to

  • Help you gain career-focused skills and knowledge that you can apply right away
  • Tailor their instruction for the online classroom
  • Leverage no-cost open educational resources, such as electronic textbooks, lectures, websites, and selected documents and media

Learn more about the unique insights and experiences our faculty members bring to the table. Explore our featured faculty webpages by school or by academic area, or check out our complete faculty listing in our Current Students section.

Going the Extra Mile for Our Students

In addition to their knowledge and experience, UMGC's faculty members have proven their dedication and courage to go above and beyond to serve students throughout the history of our university.

Beginning in 1949, UMGC hired "traveling faculty" and sent them around the world, stopping for eight weeks at a time to teach courses at U.S. military bases. The tales of some of these faculty members were captured in a documentary, "Over There," which aired on Maryland Public Television on April 15, 2018.

Today, UMGC has more than 170 classroom and service locations throughout the world. Our faculty members are still hard at work, teaching courses online and in a hybrid format at more than 20 locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., and on military installations in more than 20 countries and territories throughout the world.